Brian Crean is a registrar, runner, philosopher, and photographer who lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta, he has traveled throughout the United States and Europe. After receiving degrees in both Philosophy and Fine Art, he spent several years working as an arts writer.

Brian has served on the Executive Board of Historic Wafco Mills since June of 2000. He is a graduate of Greensboro City Academy and is an advocate for downtown redevelopment.

He is also a supporter of environmental causes and has visited and photographed many of America's National Parks. His biographical chronology is listed below.

1968 Born in Chicago, Illinois.
1979 Moved with family to Atlanta, Georgia.
1985 Travels to Germany, Austria, and Italy with family.
1986 Begins study at The University of Dayton in Ohio.
1989 Travels to Finland, Poland, USSR.
1990 Completed BA in Philosophy.
1990 Travels throughout Western Europe.
1993 Attends Georgia State University.
1995 Attends The University of Georgia.
1997 Accepts Fellowship at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
1998 Exhibits work at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA.
1999 Completed MFA in Printmaking and Sculpture.
2000 Travels to Ireland, France, Germany.
2001 Travels twice to Paris, France. Buys Essais by Montaigne.
2001 Exhibits sculpture in Charlotte, NC.
2002 Travels to Boston, Massachusetts and Maine.
2003 Works as arts writer for Greensboro News & Record.
2003 Begins working at Etherington Conservation Services.
2004 Publishes small private edition of first book - Letters to Montaigne.
2006 Co-Founder of The Flying Anvil - a live music venue in Greensboro.
2006 Begins exploration of photography as creative medium.
2007 Creates online journal - Stillbook.
2007 Travels to Alaska.
2007 Exhibits photography to raise funds for Greensboro's Park System.
2008 Photography selected for publication in WFDD/NPR Calendar.
2008 Drives across the country & photographs 20 national and state parks.
2008 Returns to work as Registrar at Etherington Conservation Services.
2009 Becomes Adviser to the Guilford County Open Space Committee.
2010 Works as arts writer for Yes Weekly in Greensboro, NC.
2010 Travels to Boston & Concord, MA. Visits Walden Pond.
2011 Conducts first public reading of Stoic Stories in Greensboro, NC.
2011 Serves on Executive Board of Historic Wafco Mills HOA.
2011 Co-founder of RUNCLUB Greensboro.
2012 Travels to Puerto Rico.
2013 Hosts Preservation Greensboro's Tour of Historic Homes.
2013 Travels to Cape Cod, Plymouth, & Concord, MA.
2014 Travels to Italy, Southern France, and Spain.
2015 Travels to Corsica and Southern France.
2016 Travels to Hawaii.
2016 Featured in March Issue of O.Henry Magazine.
2016 Re-elected President of the Historic Wafco Mills HOA.
2016 Runs the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
2017 Travels to Northern California. Hikes the Lost Coast & Trinity Alps.
2017 Serves on the planning committee for Run for the Downtown Greenway.
2017 Graduate of Greensboro City Academy.
2018 Travels to French Alps and Brittany.
2018 Hikes Aiguilles Rouges and summits Mont Buet.
2019 Reads short story "Winter" at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro.