The following entries are a varied lot. Consisting of different thoughts on different subjects, and of varying length and scope, most are short essays that have yet to be placed into a larger more cohesive body of work.


what we really want

Sometimes what we think we want isn't what we really want.

What we think we want usually makes sense and is easy to explain to others, and then we get it and feel unsatisfied.

What we really want usually makes no sense and is hard to explain. It is usually frustrating, scary, and feels like a pain in the ass. But, deep down we just know it is where we belong. Other people usually are very confused by what we are doing... until they see how alive it makes us feel.

Those of us who have the hardest time being happy are often afraid to appear strange to others. Happiness, or true contentment, takes courage. That's why only the brave ever find it.
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