The following are a series of essays and notes inspired by the writing of Henry David Thoreau.


fragments two

Intelligence is mostly about discrimination. Wise people choose well. They have spent time learning about themselves so they can see others clearly. They see what is in front of them, not only what they want to see. Clear-sightedness, without ego, is the foundation of intelligence. And, the foundation of clear-sightedness is self-knowledge. You must turn inward before turning outward.

To influence another, do not think of them. Think of yourself… your deepest self. Become a better version of yourself and you will become an example for others. Be a doer and not a talker. As the old saying goes… the truth is seen, not heard.

Happiness is like a cat. It finds you when you’re absorbed in something interesting and ignores you when you seek it.

Happiness is only a side effect of becoming who you were meant to become. Thomas Jefferson was wrong. We should not pursue happiness. We should turn inward, reflect, and discover our talents, then share them with the world. We should pursue a life of integrity and love. Happiness, contentment, and joy will find us when we have succeeded.

Immature happiness is a feeling caused by people and places. Mature happiness is a decision that comes from within. The child inside us feels happy and satisfied when we get what we want, but the adult understands that true happiness and lasting contentment are uncovered when we are grateful for what we have and when we appreciate the moment we are lucky enough to be a part of.

A strong person will face what is unpleasant and overcome it with perspective and optimism. A weak person is caught in their own ego and narrow mind. They are pessimists because they are blind.

Pessimists are the sophomores of the world. More clever than the naive freshmen, but unaware of their own delusion and lack of perspective. Optimism and wisdom illuminate each other.

Happy people are dependant on no one and no thing… they are happy because of who they are and how they see the world.

A job that engages you, love, and being loved is happiness.

Count your loved ones and you will know the exact number of ways you must learn to love. If you’ve never considered the personality of the person you claim to love, then you haven’t loved them well... you've only loved them for yourself.

When someone is loving you well, you will likely be unaware of it. Awareness requires perception and distance. Contentment is blind and lives in the moment. This is why people who say they are happy rarely are. They are only trying to convince themselves and the people who can tell that they are not.

Happiness doesn’t talk… it is.

Loving is sometimes holding and sometimes letting go. Without separation, there is no coming together. Seek to understand then to love.

Learning about someone is loving them. There is love where there is understanding.

Listening is the beginning of love, understanding is the middle, and acceptance is the end.

Needing reasons to love is like needing sandpaper to caress.

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